Last update: February 2010

Southern Snow Storm Fayetteville, NC- Feb 12, 2010
Pictures around our new place!
Update our new address:

225 Woodglen Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28314


Front Yard

Okay, that's it! Let Spring come on in.


Jo Mama!

So much snow but it a little peek of the new place.

Hair blends in well with the snow.

Just planted new grass seed in the back. This is the before pic. Spring will bring in the after pic...hopefully!

My cat Pit could care less about this stuff called snow.

Enough is enough, I am going inside.

Snow storm February 2010 in February, 4 inches.

Inside Walker's House in Fayetteville.

To see the rest, come knocking on the door and pay us a visit! That's Lee trying to hide.

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