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Kuwait City - Dec 11, 2009
Shopping from one extreme to another

The Avenues, Kuwait's largest mall and one of the Middle East's premier retail and leisure destinations!

The Avenues mall is the largest mall and shopping center in Kuwait.

The movie theater at the Avenues. The chairs even light up.

This is the group I was making the shopping adventure with and stopped at P.F. Chang's at the mall.
They just opened this location. P.F. Chang's is America
's No. 1 China Bistro, originally conceived
by two food enthusiasts: Paul Fleming and Chef Philip Chaing (pictured with us in the group, centered).
There are 199 outlets in the US. The new outlet in Kuwait that opened at the Avenues Mall is the 200th
in the chain! After we finished our delicious dinner, (I had the sea bass), Chef Chaing was introduced
to our group and agreed to a group picture. Nice of the guy.

Here is a list of the other restaurants in the mall:

T.G.I. Friday's
Pizza Express
Ruby Tuesday's
Johnny Rockets
Pizza Hut
Burger King
Costa Coffee
Caribou Coffee
Columbus Coffee
Dunkin' Donuts
The Chocolate Bar
Krispy Kreme
Dean & Deluca
lino's Coffee
The Noodle Factory

I bet you are familiar with one or two.

Yes, they even have a IKEA...

We take to road to our next destination, the Friday Markets. Notice the 5 lanes of traffic. If you look close,
you will find a Hummer, Cadilliac and a GMC SUV.

AH, the Friday Market in Kuwait. No fancy store fronts here. Lots of bargains to find.

If you buy a couch like this fine gentleman, bring your wheel barrel.

An older Kuwait Gentleman manning his store.

Did someone say Turkey?

I asked the retailer if he dyed the baby chicks. He replied, "Oh no, these are special birds!"
Well then...

He also had baby bunnies dress in the finest apparel.

To the left is our bus driver from India. To the right, you guess it right, our colored baby chicks and bunny
merchant. I believe he is from India as well. Special birds.... Said it with a straight face.

This is the coolest monkey I ever met. Dressed in the finest Arabic clothing, this little fellow loved to have
his picture taken. A born movie star!


Kuwait City - Dec 5, 2009
Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers in background

Located on the Arabian Gulf in the area of sharq.
Kuwait Towers is one of the main tourist attractions in the State of Kuwait.

This nicely shaded area approaching the towers will come in handy in the heat of the summer.
The towers were designed by a Swedish company and executed by a Yugoslav company.
They were built in 1975 and inaugurated in 1979.

The plates that cover the balls are fifty five thousand in number.
They are made of Chinese steel painted in eight different colors.

View from the Main Tower
The Viewing Spherre

View from the Main Tower

It is 187 meter above sea level and comprises two balls.
The ground floor comprises the external applications and the training room.

The Viewing Sphere
Fixed 393 feet in height. Full rotation every helg an hour. If you look close you can see where the
stationary and rotating floors meet. The outer floor next to the windows rotates.
Gift Shop, Cafeteria, Snacks and refreshments.
Telescope installed for viewing the area surrounding the towers.

View from the Main Tower


Kuwait City - Dec 4, 2009
At the Marina
About 2 blocks from my apartment.

Huge Marina, you name it, they got it!

Kuwait City in the background

Construction is going strong here in Kuwait City

At the shore of the Gulf

New High Risers

Prayers every day thru the speakers on the 2 towers.

Oh yes, this one is about 1/2 the size of a usual Hardees.

It is hard to take a self pic. Boy, do I need some hair on top!

See this every day. This one is done...

Rear bumper has torn thru the axle. Amazing.

This is a huge McDonalds on the shore line. 3 Stories with a greeter and they deliver!

I will get some more as time goes on.

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