Last update: December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011
Fayetteville, NC

Oh Christmas Tree!

Dad starting the morning with coffee and the newspaper

Pit ready for his pate'

Mom was baking til late on Christmas Eve. Good Stuff...

Mom sleep in a bit on Chritmas Morning.

Not sure if they have been good or bad. Guess Santa will have to make that decision.

The cooks making Breakfast!

Mike preparing the eggs.

She is up and ready for Breakfast!

Ready for the oven. Eggs, potates, sausage, cheese and some other nice stuff.

Ding! Out of the oven.

The cook says, "It is ready. Get the plates."

Dog Time before Gift opening.

Charlie trying to howl

What is this?

Dad's favorite spot.

Guess I need to be in the pics.

Talking with Jon Norman on the phone during the picture.

Mike was the winner in Risk this year. Just wait til next year buddy...

Happy Christmas 2011

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