Last update: March 4, 2012

Moved in!
Stephen Walker and Family!
110 Southbrook Dr
Sanford, NC 27332

Lakeside Manor at Carolina Lakes

Starting at the upstairs. My office. Where my ebay comes to life!

Bedroom number 5

overlooking my office. Who is that guy?

Bedroom 5 bath. LOL, not sure why I took this pic.

Going to Bedroom 4

Bedroom 4

Dad has a nice gotee coming together.

okay, had to do it. Number 4's bath.

Number 3 bedroom. Guess I need to call it the Pit Room.

Intro to the upstairs Media Room

Opens to the screen TV surround sysem.

Chest corner. Next to Dad on the floor is our workout equipment. We will see....

Upstairs storeage room

Enough of the upstairs, let's go downstairs.

Dad and the boys in the living room.

My orange tree is liking it's new home. Trying a new Avocado Tree. Last one was taken by a beaver in Charlottesville, VA.
That is another story I will have to share sometime.

You just do not know how hard it is to get a pic of this dog. Charlie.

Living room with fireplace. What is Dad watching?

Mom's Desk.


We are stocked up Grandma..... :-)




Dinning Room

Charlie again. He has been following me all day.

Backyard overlooking the lake and new neighborhood.

Had to peek in on Mom. LOL!

Lee's Room. Got to hang those pictures sometime.

Master Bedroom - Dad and Mom's domain.

There she is.

Dad's other spot.

The Master Bath

LOL, you have to love this. The Hooiser Room.

Nothing but the finest pictures.

Bubba! That is the yard zapper around his neck. No doubt it keeps him in the yard.

Well, now you have to come and see us. No more moving for a long time, if ever.

New Address:

The Walker's
110 Southbrook Lane
Sanford, NC 27332

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